About Studio Tempest

Studio Tempest is Gianna Nicole.

I wanted to write something that made me seem like a moody 'artiste' but that really isn't who I am as an artist. I started embroidering because I have really intense anxiety, and needed something idle. It worked. I love it. Custom and collaborative pieces make me happiest. I'm always trying something new, but that's the only way things stay interesting. I don't bulk create, and I don't really do patterns. I don't have formal training, and I have a day job that, thankfully, allows me to keep doing this until I can make a career of it. You can see the more traditional artist bio below.


Gianna Nicole is an embroidery and mixed media fiber artist, based in the United States. Her work focuses on whatever has grabbed her interest in the moment, leading to a portfolio that is uniquely her. Her style is eclectic, mixing fabrics, beading, and other materials with embroidery to evoke feeling from the viewer. She works with not only cotton embroidery thread on fabric, but often incorporate wool roving, silk threads, artificial flowers, paper, and any other embellishment that makes her feel like a piece is complete. Over the years, her focus has shifted from wall art pieces to clothing, jewelry, and accessories. She is a firm believer that the piece tells you when its done.

Gianna lives in Seattle with her two sphynx cats (Jinkies and Miso). You can usually find her playing D&D online, dancing at goth nights, or not-watching any number of streaming platforms while they play in the background.

Studio Tempest is located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA.